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So many things going on

22 Jul

The past month has been kinda crazy. I guess we always seem to be running around like insane people but the past bit has been crazier than normal. We went to visit family in KC the first of the month. We were there a week and had a great time. The past few years we haven’t seen much of that side of the family because we (at the time) lived 13 hours away and were broke as hell. Now we’re closer and not so poor. We had an amazing time and saw all kinds of KC attractions. On the rare day (1 day out of 7) that we didn’t do anything we stayed home, did laundry and swam in the pool. It was such a great time that it was difficult to leave this time.

Since being hom, I’ve had a couple meetings about my new job, fingerprinting done and a doc appt. Now we’ve got a wedding next week and a short trip to visit Nana and Grandpa (finally!). So, even though summer is winding down, our travels and busy-ness isn’t.

I start work on the 13th and I’m really looking forward to working again. After seeing my boss a couple times, she seems just as excited and I think we’ll get along well. I just hope I don’t let her or my co-workers down. I’m working in technology yet I have no formal training. I’m one of those people who just open a program and play until I figure it out and my boss knows that and she doesn’t seem worried but I am a little. Guess we’ll find out next month.

I also had to buy some new clothes for work. I haven’t worked in so long and even when I did my past employer let us wear jeans and t-shirts every day since we never saw customers so I have no “work clothes stash”. And even if I did, they wouldn’t fit. It’s exciting to buy new clothes and I don’t mind trying on things like I used to when I was so big but it’s also expensive and frustrating at times. Since I’m still losing weight I don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes now when I will not be able to wear them in a few months and have to buy more. So instead of buying 16’s (instead of the 22’s I used to wear! YEAH ME!) I’m squeezing into 14s because I know that in a month-ish they will fit better. But at the time being the 14s are snug and aren’t as flattering as I’d like. Guess you can call it motivation. LOL

Since we’re on weight loss topic, let’s update y’all. I started at *cough* 222lbs *cough*. I’ve hit a couple smaller, more short-term goals and am now at 28lbs gone. I notice myself wearing tank tops and shorts again. I also feel better about myself already, so I cannot wait till I get even smaller. I had my first non-family member asking me if I’ve lost weight and telling me I look good. It felt wonderful that someone who doesn’t “have” to say I look like I’m losing weight tell me so. I told her that I still had 50-ish lbs to go and she was amazed that I had that much left to lose. I just laughed and told her that I hide it well. According to the BMI charts, I’m still “obese” and I’m still fat, no doubt about that. But I’m almost at the point where I’m unable to shop in the big girl stores and can shop at regular stores again! Oh, it’s the little things people. I saw on Pinterest a neat way to visualize the weight and I’m going to do it when I have more than 5 minutes. It’s two jars; one labeled “left to lose” and the other “pounds lost”. You put a pebble or decorative rock for each pound in the “left to lose” jar and each time you lose a pound you put it in the “pounds lost” jar. I’m totally a visualization and tactile person and this would be perfect for me to see the pounds coming off. I had to cut back on working out, so my weight loss has slowed down a little but I’m still losing a smidge weekly. I do miss working out more though. I was 5-6 days a week for over an hour each day (between cardio and weights). Now I’m about 3-4 days and had to cut back to 30 mins of cardio. I’ve been doing a sit-up app I found for my phone and I love it. I’m pretty impressed with myself on those, however the push-ups…I can’t even do one of those damn things. Maybe in time I can.

I’ll leave you with a couple pics of our KC trip.


Arg, there be a pirate party!

20 Apr

Man oh man, was this weekend a great one!? 

Jaylon’s first birthday party was on Saturday at his Gramma’s house.  It was wonderful! 

The weekend kicked off on Friday, sitting on the back porch with family, a few glasses of wine and grilled out hamburgers.  Laughter, talking, gossip, laughter, catching up on family, and did I mention laughter and wine?  It was such a beautiful evening and a perfect Friday night if you ask me.  Jay didn’t go to sleep until 10-ish then we drove to my mother-in-law’s house where he was finally put in bed and asleep for good at 11:30.  He usually goes to bed at 6, so yeah, cranky butt!

Saturday was spent getting ready for the party.  My mom is the most amazing person ever and my stepdad, well, he’s just as amazing.  They came over and took a good 3 hrs or so putting the cakes together.  These cakes….AWE-SOME! But we’ll get to those in a minute.  The party began at 4 and we gave Jay his smashable cake.  He just looked at it.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to him (and as a side-note, I didn’t even cry, thankyouverymuch!) and he almost broke his neck to turn around to see what all the fuss was about!

Mom had to show him what to do with the cake and he just picked at it.  Finally got a little piece of chocolate icing and ate it right up.  He never took a hunk out of the cake or even smashed it…just kept picking at it eating little flecks of icing.  He is not my child!

Ma finally gave him a hunk of it and he grabbed it and put it all in his mouth.  I’m still not sure how he didn’t choke but he managed to get it all down.  We did take his shirt off him before the cake and I’m glad we did.  He rubbed the icing all over his belly…it was cute!

We had to leave after the cake since my Sis and brother-in-law had to leave.  We ate dinner and came back to the house to open presents.  The boy racked up and is still enjoying all the new toys.  He’s not sure what to play with first and just crawls from all the goodies.

Even with the lack of sleep he had that day he was such a good baby.  He was happy, he enjoyed playing with all the cousins and Kenna enjoyed helping open the presents!

Now, let’s discuss these cakes.  The first one, the smashable one, was a treasure chest; complete with jewels, coins and gold!  Talk about adorable and perfect for his individual cake!

Ahem…THE cake.  I am always in awe of my mom’s abilities especially when it comes to making cakes.  She’s made cakes since I can remember, only doing them for friends and family. She always says that you couldn’t pay her enough to make them professionally but she so could do it!  This cake was the pirate ship complete with the Captain and his crew.  She even made a damn parrot, people!  Each pirate was moulded after the cousins.  Jay was the Captain then you’ll see my nephew, Brett; Kenna; my nephew, Braden; and my niece, Breanna.  The wood on the ship looked like wood.  The sails were amazing, she even downloaded font that looked “pirate-ish” to write Happy Birthday on it.  And there’s even a freakin’ shark in the water!

I can’t believe that my baby’s 1st birthday party was this weekend with his big day tomorrow.  I’ll write about his actual birthday tomorrow…and cry, so I’ll be sure to have tissues by the computer!  Until then, enjoy the pics!

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Hell yeah…2lbs!

22 Mar

Don’t you hate when you have so many things running through your head to write a blog about then when you open your blog you can’t remember a damn one?!

Yeah, that’s me!

I know I wanted to write a post about my daughter turning 8 but I feel like I need to give it more time and thought.  I also have something in me about this past weekend.  I’m also sure there’s some words floating around about someone turning 31 this week (and that person just may be me!).  I’m certain that there’s a scrapbooking post in there too!

So, let’s talk about my diet then, ok?  I cheated, a lot, this weekend.  Not even gonna lie…I had cake, candy, cake, funnel cake, cake, wine and I capped that all off with some cake.  I did try to cut back on portions and I did drink my water, so that’s the plus.  But you see, we celebrated Kenna’s birthday (and someone else’s too) and so I had to have some of her cake.  Ma made it, so it was deeeee-lish and chocolate and I couldn’t say no!  I also didn’t work out at all during the entire week.




2 lbs!

I know it’s not much when you look at the fact that I have 68 more left…but it’s a start.  And I’m pretty proud of my 2lbs dammit because I know it would have been more had I stuck to the diet better and exercised but it showed me that even just cutting out most of my sweets, snacking between meals, drinking <1 diet dp a day and greatly reducing portion size really does work for me!  There is hope!

Oh and don’t let me forget to tell you about my Big Ass Cake!

Spring break and St. Pats!

17 Mar

This one will be a quickie folks!  I am blogging while the J-man is snoozing!

Anyway, this is spring break for Kenna so we came to visit my Mammy in the panhandle.  We’ve been enjoying each other’s company and just having fun.  Sean is still at home but will fly up tomorrow to spend the rest of the week with us.  I miss him!

I love seeing my kids with their NaNa.  And I always wish I had the patience she does with them.  Kenna’s been playing with Zoe so much that I’m not sure who’s having more fun, her or the dog?!  Jaylon has been army crawling everywhere and is finally starting to crawl for real.  He only takes a few “steps” then falls and stars army crawling like he usually does but hey, it’s a start.

I enjoy spending so much time with Ma.  She and I, like I’ve said before, are more like friends than mother/daughter.  We have so much fun together.  That’s been the hard part about being so far away, is not being able to just run to Mom’s house.  Oh well.

Kenna’s 8th b-day was this Sunday and we spent it in the car!  Poor girl.  We did go out to dinner Saturday and I’ll have a whole post about that and her turning 8 soon.

St. Patrick’s Day is a huge day for us.  See, I’m from Shamrock, TX.  So you can understand why it’s a big deal, right?  We go to the celebration every year (except for last since I was HUGE preggo with Jay) and the family all comes and invades my Gramma’s house, who still lives in Shamrock.  There’s a parade, carnival and yummy goodies.  It’s so much fun and I cannot wait for it to begin this weekend.  Unfortunately it’s supposed to be in the 30s and snow! Grrr!

My diet is still going well.  I’m drinking my water and cutting back on portions.  I’m trying to stay away from the sweets but it is difficult here at my mom’s house.  She bakes all the damn time!  But I’ve been ok…I have had a few bites of cake of some goodies but much better than I normally do!

So, more blogging to come after this weeks festivities!  Happy St. Pat’s to you all! 🙂

Recap, Wednesday through Sunday edition

28 Feb

Man oh man did I have a fun time.  It was one of those weeks you wish wouldn’t end.  Not that we did anything special, not that we just were on the go all the time, not that we went balls-out to do everything.  Actually, the opposite happened.

We sat and talked, we ate,  we sat and played with Jay, we ate, we sat and laughed, we ate, we tried to nap and then we ate some more.  We did go to the movies on Saturday and we did go out to eat a few times.  We watched the olympics, we drank some beer.   We played the Wii and laughed so hard one of us almost pee’d her pants (and that person would not be me…nope, not me at all!).

Saying goodbye always sucks.  I made sure I used my waterproof mascara today.  I’ll see my sis again in a few weeks but I won’t see Dad until May.  Kenna loved having company, she was so lovey and sweet.  She talked Sis’ ears off and I think totally enjoyed having her Aunt Shell to herself (without her cousins! LOL).  Jaylon loved his Grandpa and smiled and giggled more at him than he has me the past few weeks.

Thank God for family!

Leaving this weekend

12 Feb

I never did get a chance to finish up that post with pics, it’s still in my draft folder. Sorry about that but Jay’s been not too happy the past few days and I haven’t had time to do much.

You won’t get that post this weekend because we’re going to the DFW area for the weekend. They’ve had record snowfall and yet we’re leaving our 60 degree weather to go up there…what fun. Plus my hubby will be getting autographs from the All-Star Basketball game so it will be a very romantic Valentine’s Day for me (can you sense the sarcasm?). And let’s be honest here I don’t even see any hot Valentine’s sex for us either since we’re sleeping on a blowup mattress in his mother’s living room. Oh well.

So today will consist of doing laundry and packing for EVERYONE and keeping Jay happy somehow. Wish me luck with that!

Adios and I hope you all have hot sexy Valentine’s sex this weekend!

Jay’s first Thanksgiving

30 Nov

was crazy insane!  We had to make a speedy unplanned trip to Tulsa to help out family so our holiday started with a bang!  Me and the kids rushed to Tulsa on Thursday and from the get-go Jay was outta whack!  He went from sleeping through the night to waking up from 1:30 until 4.  Then he was ready to play at 4am!  It didn’t get any easier for the poor guy.  He didn’t want to be held really but he didn’t want to sit on the floor either.  Luckily there were a few new kids to keep him company and make him smile (two of his cousins!).  After a few days in OK we made the 5 hr trip to the TX panhandle.  Our Thanksgiving was spent in the car.

Once we got to NaNa’s house in the panhandle things didn’t get better for Jay.  He was still outta whack and had even MORE people to be stressed out over.  He didn’t handle the 10 day trip well at all.  Even with all his stress and lack of sleep he didn’t really show it.  He smiled at everyone and giggled but I knew he just wasn’t the same!  To add to this his bottom two teeth FINALLY came in too!  I love his toothy grin and if he’d ever smile for the camera I’ll post a pic!

We got home last night and Jay knew it!  He slept pretty well until 4-ish.  I went in to console him just to let him know that I was there (figuring he had enough upheaval the past week and a half!).  He was then up and at’em a little after 5.

He had his first taste of mashed potatoes, which I think have totally given him a tummy ache!  And he hopefully learned from his 9 month old twin cousins how to crawl.

It was an eventful 1st Thanksgiving!  And I don’t think we got ONE FRICKIN’ PICTURE!


27 Jul

Man did I have the best vacay ever! Me and my sisters went to Florida for a few days and it was perfect.  Relaxing yet fun was just what I needed.  We came back to reality yesterday and I picked up my kids today.  Boy did I miss them.  I swear my daughter is taller and my son has gotten bigger!

I finally get to see Harry Potter tomorrow night, in the Imax format and I cannot wait!  I’m going with my sister and nephew.

Even though I’ve had a blast and have enjoyed seeing family and friends, I miss my husband so much and cannot wait to get kisses and hugs from him on Friday!

By myself

22 Jul

I dropped my two kids off with NaNa and Grandpa Chris today.  I cried.  My mother is quite capable of taking care of children, so I’m not worried about them, but still it’s hard.  Packing up all their clothes and stuff and placing it into the truck; buckling their car seats in and shutting the door was heart wrenching. So, I was by myself in the car for a little over 2 hrs while driving back to my sister’s house.  I played the music way too loud and sang along (poorly I may add!).  It was so strange being by myself.  I would look in the backseat when I’d change lanes and there wouldn’t be a cute little girl looking at me with a smile.  There were no questions, no coos, no laughing from the backseat, it was quiet.  The only way you would know I have children is the huge amounts of crayons and toys (and stains) in the back seat.  Not only was the back empty of kids, noises and car seats; so was my heart.

I first left my daughter with someone other than me when she was 6 months old and now my son at 3 months.  I’m never away from them and I needed a break.  Time to spend with my sisters; reconnecting and laughing, eating and drinking, tanning and swimming.  While I’m looking forward to this time, I will also miss my kids terribly!


18 Jul


Anyway, I’m busy doing laundry and packing for a much needed getaway! I’ll try and write a little something and have it post while I’m gone, just to tide you over. I have a new blackberry so I’ll still update my twitter, be sure to follow me!

Adios, for now!